What day was it on my birthday Sep 26, 2005?

About my birthday (party foods) September 26, 2005 is a Monday and it is the 269th day of the year 2005. The next time you can reuse your old 2005 calendar will be on 2022. Both calendars will be exactly the same! This is assuming you are not interested in the dates for Easter and other irregular holidays that are based on a solar cycle.

What day is my birthday September 26 this year?

The day of the week of your birthday this year is Wednesday. Next year it will be Thursday and two years from now it will be Saturday. You can check the calendars below if you’re planning what to do on your birthday.

September 2018
September 2019
September 2020

How many days until my birthday September 26?

There are 317 days left before your next birthday. You will be 14 years old when that day comes. There have been 4,796 days from the day you were born up to today. Since night and day always follow each other, there are exactly 162 full moons after you were born up to this day. (How many of them did you see?) The next full moon that you can see will be on November 23 at 05:41:00 GMT – Friday.

Which celebrity shares my birthday September 26?

You might be happy to know that the following individuals share your birthday. They are listed in chronological order.

  • 1898
    George Gershwin
  • 1937
    Jerry Weintraub
  • 1941
    Martine Beswick
  • 1942
    Kent McCord
  • 1956
    Linda Hamilton
  • 1963
    Lysette Anthony
  • 1967
    Amy Kwok
  • 1968
    Ben Shenkman
  • 1977
    Aiko Sato
  • 1981
    Collien Fernandes

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Who was born on September 26?

Here’s a short list of famous people in history who were born on Sep 26.

  • 1840
    Louis-Olivier Taillon, French Canadian politician (d. 1923)
  • 1886
    Archibald Vivian Hill, English physiologist, Nobel laureate (d. 1977)
  • 1888
    T. S. Eliot, American-born British writer and poet, Nobel laureate (d. 1965)
  • 1919
    Barbara Britton, American actress (d. 1980)
  • 1925
    Norm Dussault, American ice hockey player
  • 1932
    Dr. Manmohan Singh, Indian politician
  • 1959
    Rich Gedman, American baseball player
  • 1963
    Joe Nemechek, American NASCAR driver
  • 1980
    Brooks Orpik, American ice hockey player
  • 1980
    Henrik Sedin, Swedish ice hockey player

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What happened on my birthday – Sep 26?

These were the events that made history that coincides with your birthday.

  • 1687
    The Parthenon in Athens is partially destroyed by an explosion caused by the bombing from Venetian forces led by Morosini who are besieging the Ottoman Turks stationed in Athens.
  • 1783
    The first battle of Shays’ Rebellion begins.
  • 1923
    Gustav Stresemann resumes the Weimar Republic’s payment of reparations.
  • 1944
    World War II: Operation Market Garden fails.
  • 1950
    Indonesia is admitted to the United Nations.
  • 1950
    United Nations troops recapture Seoul from North Korean forces.
  • 1954
    Japanese rail ferry Toya Maru sinks during a typhoon in the Tsugaru Strait, Japan killing 1,172.
  • 1970
    The Laguna Fire starts in San Diego County, California, burning 175,425 acre.
  • 1984
    The United Kingdom agrees to the handover of Hong Kong
  • 2000
    Anti-globalization protests in Prague (some 20,000 protesters) turn violent during the IMF and World Bank summits.

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What is my sign for my birthday Sep 26, 2005?

The zodiac sign of a person born on September 26 is Libra. According to the ancient art of Chinese astrology (or Chinese zodiac), Rooster is the mythical animal and Wood is the element of a person born on September 26, 2005.

What is the birthstone for September 26, 2005?

Sapphire is the modern birthstone for the month of September while Agate is the mystical birth stone (based on Tibetan origin). The zodiac gemstone for Libra is chrysolite. Lastly, the birthday stone for the day of the week ‘Monday’ is pearl.

What was the number one song on my birthday?

The number-one hit song in the U.S. at the day of your birth was Poor Little Fool by Ricky Nelson as compiled by Billboard Hot 100 (August 4, 1958). Ask your parents if they know this popular song.


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