What day was it on my birthday May 8, 1929?

About my birthday (party foods) May 8, 1929 is a Wednesday and it is the 128th day of the year 1929. The next time you can reuse your old 1929 calendar will be on 2019. Both calendars will be exactly the same! This is assuming you are not interested in the dates for Easter and other irregular holidays that are based on a solar cycle.

What day is my birthday May 8 this year?

The day of the week of your birthday this year is Tuesday. Next year it will be Wednesday and two years from now it will be Friday. You can check the calendars below if you’re planning what to do on your birthday.

May 2018
May 2019
May 2020

How many days until my birthday May 8?

There are 295 days left before your next birthday. You will be 90 years old when that day comes. There have been 32,577 days from the day you were born up to today. Since night and day always follow each other, there are exactly 1,103 full moons after you were born up to this day. (How many of them did you see?) The next full moon that you can see will be on July 27 at 20:22:00 GMT – Friday.

Which celebrity shares my birthday May 8?

You might be happy to know that the following individuals share your birthday. They are listed in chronological order.

  • 1837
    Alphonse Legros
  • 1954
    John Michael Talbot
  • 1964
    Melissa Gilbert
  • 1966
    Marta Sanchez
  • 1975
    Ruben Nicolai
  • 1977
    Victor Chen
  • 1978
    Marjan Duchesne
  • 1982
    Christina Cole
  • 1989
    Benoît Paire
  • 1989
    Nora Arnezeder

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Who was born on May 8?

Here’s a short list of famous people in history who were born on May 8.

  • 1738
    Mikhail Kamensky, Russian general (d. 1809)
  • 1828
    Sharbel Makhluf, Lebanese monk (d. 1898)
  • 1913
    Bob Clampett, American animator (d. 1984)
  • 1925
    Ali Hassan Mwinyi, President of Tanzania
  • 1940
    Peter Benchley, American author (d. 2006)
  • 1940
    Toni Tennille, American singer
  • 1941
    Mahmoud Ahmed, Ethiopian singer
  • 1953
    Billy Burnette, American singer and guitarist (Fleetwood Mac)
  • 1981
    Andrea Barzagli, Italian footballer
  • 1981
    John Maine, American baseball player

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What happened on my birthday – May 8?

These were the events that made history that coincides with your birthday.

  • 1821
    Greek War of Independence: The Greeks defeat the Turks at the Battle of Gravia.
  • 1898
    The first games of the Italian football league system are played.
  • 1899
    The Irish Literary Theatre in Dublin opens.
  • 1912
    Paramount Pictures is founded.
  • 1919
    Edward George Honey first proposes the idea of a moment of silence to commemorate The Armistice of World War I, which later results in the creation of Remembrance Day. In the United States it was called Armistice Day and is now Veterans Day.
  • 1927
    Attempting to make the first non-stop transatlantic flight from Paris to New York, French war heroes Charles Nungesser and Francois Coli disappeared after taking off aboard The White Bird biplane.
  • 1933
    Mohandas Gandhi begins a 21-day fast in protest against British oppression in India.
  • 1945
    End of the Prague uprising, today celebrated as a national holiday in the Czech Republic.
  • 1945
    Hundreds of Algerian civilians are killed by French Army soldiers in the Sétif massacre.
  • 1980
    The eradication of smallpox is endorsed by the World Health Organization.

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What is my sign for my birthday May 8, 1929?

The zodiac sign of a person born on May 8 is Taurus. According to the ancient art of Chinese astrology (or Chinese zodiac), Snake is the mythical animal and Earth is the element of a person born on May 8, 1929.

What is the birthstone for May 8, 1929?

Emerald is the modern birthstone for the month of May while Sapphire is the mystical birth stone (based on Tibetan origin). The zodiac gemstone for Taurus is sapphire. Lastly, the birthday stone for the day of the week ‘Wednesday’ is amethyst.


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